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Why thepathfindas

Thepathfindas Inspirational Organization is an all-talent harnessing, training, projecting and empowerment initiative. We provide platform for talent hunt, development, training, prize winning competitions and coaching/mentorship services in the areas of Movie acting, Music production, speech making, writing of articles/magazines.

Our Mission

To harness, equip, train, engage and empower the teeming talented youths so as to engender self productiveness for the preservation of earth’s resources and stability of the Church and Society.

Our Vision

To be a formidable & friendly platform that empowers the Youths towards greater productivity, purposefulness, self establishment and profitability.


We are stronger than we think and know. There are certain things that must happen before certain other things start happening. The Creator of the

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THEPATHFINDAS DREAMS MUST NOT BE FORGOTTEN Dear Pathfindas (, Thank you for believing in our vision. I want to use this opportunity to re-iterate our

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Ascension Thursday

Ascension Thursday reminds Christians of the authenticity and reality of heaven. Jesus Christ was seen going up into heavens until the clouds took him. (Acts.

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