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THE SPECTRUM Motivational Magazine is a product of Thepathfinda’s Inspirational Organization geared towards buttressing the ideological contents of the group’s motifs. This is the actually the 4th edition of our inspiration compendiums in sequence. We acknowledge and regret the slackness observed in producing this issue. It was due to certain compelling exigencies which we have actually dealt with. We do not believe in failures so, we acknowledge that the period in remission actually helped us in conserving strength and increasing ideas, hence, it is now evident in the improved quality of our document.
The main theme of this edition is “YOU CAN” and it is to educate readers on how to discover their inert abilities, break their limitations and become their dream personalities! Basically, it has to show the importance of self discovery and diligence in duties to achieve one’s dreams.
There are other Topics within the issue as can be seen in our table of contents and even more to come in subsequent editions. Those who got copies of the last edition tilted: “ABILITY IN DISABILITY” have attested to the efficacy of reading good compilation of veritable ideas.
We have in our crew talented personalities in different fields of life including first class graduates, established personages and exceptionally gifted students contributing their ideas to fostering intellectual connect and mentoring in capacity building! Ideas rule the world.
On the whole, Our Bounden Essence is to stimulate intellectual prowess in people, wake up the talent-Giants and of course, prove our fact that everybody is capable of something but WHAT! YOU CAN IF YOU KNOW…
My Philosophy Lecturer, Prof. Ifeanyi Ezeaku thought me to know and prove that READING IS LIVING, hence, even God wrote and expects us to read to live. He who stops reading therefore, starts dying. Our essence encourages both writers and readers alike, and moreso, dreamers and workers of dreams, ACHIEVERS!