Dear Pathfindas (www.thepathfindas.com),

Thank you for believing in our vision.

I want to use this opportunity to re-iterate our vision and resolve to continue pursuing the course of projecting our youths along the line of their talents to greater heights. We have encountered several challenges but that notwithstanding has not deterred us. We have a mission and that defines a huge aspect of our ministry.

We want to produce the next Frank Edwards, the next Buchi, the next Sinach, Ada, Mercy Chinwo, Etc. I’m greatly challenged that the Church, even the Anglican Church has not yet done much along this line to give our talented Youths this leverage and needed projection. ThePathfindas is poised to ensure that the Church produced her own personages.

In the movie industry, we have too many Anglicans but no sign of Anglicanism reflected therein. Veteran Artists like, Nkem Owoh, Chiwetalu Agu, Patience Ozokwor, Jim Lawson Maduike, Charles Okafor, etc are all Anglicans but except Bro. Charles Okafor, none has attempted an Anglican perspective in Nollywood. This is not encouraging.

In the Literary world, We want to produce the next Chimamanda Adichie, Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe. Etc, who would reflect a totality of gospel packages in the Anglican-African ways………………..

Our youths are talented. All they need is a platform, a little push, a recognition that will encourage and boost their confidence and, of course, spiritual coverage that only the Church can provide…

ThePathfindas is a large body that encompasses other individual bodies who are stakeholders. We want to continually partner with groups to foster a seamless propelling of our talented youths.

ThePathfindas is a platform, a ministry, a push, a midwife, a support, an enhancer and a dream interpreter.

Remember, nobody stands without holding or resting the hands on something,- the knees or the ground or a platform is what Pathfinda wants to provide.

ThePathfindas want to be the needed platform for the standing of different talents.

Note: Talents are God’s natural gifts to help individuals realize and established their destinies.

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